Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

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Being a hardworking business owner in the state of Texas, you know the meaning of perseverance and dedication. You have gone through the motions to ensure all your bases are covered—which is why the importance of obtaining a directors and officers liability policy cannot be overlooked. Directors and officers insurance, or D&O, is an important type of liability coverage for company executives and managers. This coverage protects people in managerial positions from claims that can arise as a direct result of their decisions or actions made while on duty.

The Directors and Officers Liability Insurance that’s Just Right for You

Unfortunately, even the best general liability insurance does not protect you or your business from a multitude of claims. This is why, as a small business owner, it is in your best interest to consider every potential risk and liability you may face in your company’s journey. At AIA Insurance, our knowledgeable agents work with you to thoroughly examine what insurance policies are the most beneficial to you and will recommend directors and officers insurance if need be. Contrary to common belief, general liability or umbrella policies generally will not respond to management liability lawsuits. Therefore, many businesses can benefit from directors and officers insurance, including:

  • For-profit businesses
  • Privately held firms
  • Educational institutions
  • Nonprofits

What Risks Are Covered with Directors and Officers Liability Insurance?

Essentially, this form of liability insurance protects you from claims that result from managerial decisions with adverse monetary penalties. These claims can stem from employment practice from former employees, regulators and shareholders and even customers, competitors or suppliers. Obtaining this coverage will reduce your risk of personal liability from directors or officers and will also protect your finances—sometimes reimbursing you in the the event that you paid the claim of a third party on behalf of your managers. With AIA Insurance on your side, you will find the best D&O policy and be protected from these and other risks.

Who Is AIA Insurance?

AIA Insurance is so much more than a local insurance agency. We are a passionate team of Texans who love helping our neighbors. We maintain long-term business relationships with our satisfied clients because of our dedication to loyalty and respect. This is why we offer businesses a free risk analysis and happily answer any questions or concerns along the way. So please call us today at (800) 666-9551 or contact us here if you’d like to learn more about D&O coverage for your business!


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