Commercial Insurance Coverages

We Offer Only the Best Coverage for Texas’ Commercial Enterprises

What Are Commercial Insurance Coverages?

Commercial insurance coverages are the pieces that come together to make a solid business insurance plan. Each commercial insurance coverage adds an extra piece of protection to your armor as a business owner in Texas.

Who Are We?

We are AIA Insurance. What makes us different? We specialize in business insurance. What makes us the best? We only work with our fellow business owners in the state of Texas. Our many years of experience with businesses makes us well versed in all kinds of entrepreneurial endeavors. From restaurants to water utility businesses, we speak the language of your field of work. We want nothing more than the businesses that make up our state to succeed. We love what we do!

What Kinds of Commercial Insurance Coverages Do We Offer?

We offer many commercial insurance coverages in order to create truly unique business insurance plans for our clients, because we believe no two businesses are the same. Some of the commercial insurance coverages we offer include:

  • Commercial Property InsuranceCommercial property insurance protects businesses from damage to their building or the property inside due to a fire, theft or natural disaster.
  • Workers Compensation InsuranceWorkers compensation insurance pays for medical bills and partial lost wages of an employee injured in your workplace or who develops an illness over time due to your work environment.
  • Commercial Auto InsuranceCommercial auto insurance protects you from damages that may be caused while a vehicle is being used for your business.
  • Commercial Excess/Umbrella InsuranceCommercial excess and umbrella insurance pick up where primary liability insurance leaves off, protecting businesses in the event of unusually high losses.
  • Equipment InsuranceCommercial equipment insurance protects the materials that keep your business functioning like a well-oiled machine, covering the cost to repair or replace damaged equipment.
  • Liability Insurance ­– From general liability to directors and officers insurance, AIA offers an array of liability insurance coverages that protect your business from a wide range of potential claims risks.

So, How Does This All Work?

At AIA, we believe that a strong, successful business relationship begins with trust and respect. That is exactly why we offer you a free risk analysis to discuss your insurance options. You see, we believe all businesses in Texas deserve a little guidance, respect and honesty. And put simply, we want you to succeed and be protected in your business endeavors. So call us today or visit us if you have any questions, concerns or just curiosity at (800)-666-9551.


Insurance Services You Can Depend On

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Business Insurance Programs
At AIA, we conveniently offer multiple types of insurance coverage that’s tailored to protect business owners/partners, employees and companies as a whole. Learn how we can protect your business today!
Business Insurance
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Commercial Insurance Coverages
We know no two businesses are the same, which is why we offer a variety of commercial insurance coverages to ensure your business is protected from risks specific to your enterprise.
Commercial Insurance
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Risk Management
You never know what dangers are lurking right around the corner. That is why AIA is happy to offer professional risk management services to reduce the severity of potential losses.
Risk Management
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Group Health
With all the recent developments in the health care industry, it can difficult to secure the appropriate health insurance for your employees. The agents at AIA are here to help.
Group Health

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